Crying During Fajr

It was rumored that at a masjid in Philadelphia the Muslim Jinn would attend and pray with the congregants. One morning two young men were the only ones to attend for the Fajr prayer. As they began to pray, they heard what sounded like audible and emotional crying sounds immediately behind them. This went on during the entire prayer until they were curious who it was behind them who was so moved by the recitation. Immediately after the prayer, both young men turned around to see who it was. But when they looked back, the masjid was empty. No one was there…

They believe it had been a Muslim Jinn who came in, joined the Fajr prayer, and departed without a trace.

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The Story of Surah Al-Jinn

The absolute lowest point in the life of the Prophet ﷺ (for the untrained eye) was after he had been rejected by the people of Makkah. He went to the neighboring rival city Ta’if and sought to invite leaders of the city to Islam. Instead, they met with rejection, insults, and was chased out of the city by children and lowly people throwing stones at him. This was the time when he made the famous Du’a al-Ta’if.

Around the same time, the Jinn, who normally had access to the heavens and could hear bits and pieces of the speech of the angels, were suddenly barred from doing so. They realized that access to the heavens could only have been terminated if an amazing event had taken place! So they scoured the world searching for that event.

It just so happened that a group of Jinn were passing by Nakhla, a place between Ta’if and Makkah, when the Prophet ﷺ was offering his morning Fajr prayers. He was reciting Surah al-Rahman, wherein Allah mentions his blessings. Whenever the Prophet ﷺ would recite “Which of my favors do you deny?” the Jinn would cry and say “No Our Lord, we do not deny any of your bounties!”

Upon this, the group of Jinn accepted Islam. Despite the immense difficulties he ﷺ was experiencing in spreading the message, he now had followers from the world of the Jinn.

Say, [O Muhammad], “It has been revealed to me that a group of the jinn listened and said, ‘Indeed, we have heard an amazing Qur’an. It guides to the right course, and we have believed in it. And we will never associate with our Lord anyone…
Surah Jinn, Verse 1-2

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Get up for Fajr

This one was told to me, the author of the blog, by someone I know and trust.

A young man’s family once fell upon hard financial times and did not have a place to stay, so he had to spend his nights in the masjid sleeping in a section where only men would go.

One morning him and a friend were sleeping in the masjid and it was time for fajr. A woman came to them and nudged them awake saying “get up for fajr, it is time to pray”. They were taken aback that a woman would enter the private area reserved only for men, but did not think much of it at he moment. They both saw the woman walk into a part of the room that has no exit where she exited their line of sight. After waiting for her to emerge from the corner, they went to the corner to see where she was. Then they realized she had vanished without a trace, as if she appeared only to wake them up for fajr, then disappeared. Perhaps a Muslimah Jinn?

In the same masjid the same two people would pray Fajr alone together and hear audible crying coming from behind them, as if someone is moved by the Qur’an. After the prayer they would turn around to see no one there. Both independently confirmed this experience.

This masjid is either in Philadelphia.

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To have control of the Jinn…

Many speak of using “white magic”, as if such a thing exists. But most do not realize the humiliation and suffering that the magicians must go through for the Jinn to work for them.

Some of the Jinn have an inferiority complex because the children of Adam عليه السلام were honored over Iblees. This inferiority complex leads them to resent and be immensely jealous of humanity. Therefore, they want people to disbelieve in Allah, and then arrogantly boast to Allah, “You preferred this creation over us? Look at how lowly they are!”
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Night Terror or Jinn?

When I was younger, I used to have Night Terror, a condition where I would wake up at night and experience an extremely vivid, horrific dream about the end of the world, the universe suddenly ceasing to exist, God’s nature, and other overwhelming fears. I would run around my house, scream, say unintelligible things, etc. My mom once said I would make unnatural faces. Once, the 13 year old me pushed over my father, who was over 200lbs. This would go on for maybe 15 minutes, until I would slowly come out of it, usually sweating, confused and in tears. Other times, I would stop and have no recollection of it whatsoever.

Imagine the feeling of being in the room with someone – Shortly before I would have an episode, I would sometimes feel the presence of someone, despite being alone. That feeling grew more intense until I would be overtaken.
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Bedouins in the Desert

A Bedouin man once went into the desert on a trip. As was customary, the man waited til the late hours to answer the call of nature. He walked a good distance away from the caravan, found a small ditch, and began.

Though the rest of the caravan was far away, they could hear what came next. The man was struck from multiple sides and screamed in horror! When the rest of the caravan ran to him, they found him speaking in a bizarre voice and tongue, with a wild look on his face.

The most wise among the caravan immediately recognized that he was afflicted by a Jinn possession. Holding him down, they performed Ruqiyya on him with Surah al-Fatiha. After several attempts, though still in a foreign voice, he began to speak sense.

The voice said he was a jinn who lived in the valley the Bedouins were traveling in. He said that the Bedouins were always loud and obnoxious, but he was tolerated them and just left them alone. However, the possessed man had gone too far by arrogantly walking right up to his house and then urinating and defecating. The jinn was so angry, he struck the man several times, then possessed him to get him back for what he had done.

After explaining to the jinn that it was not intentional and offering to clean his house, the Jinn left him. But such incidents continues to this day…

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The Qur’an Teacher

Once, a Shaykh was teaching the Qur’an to a group of young students sitting in a long row. At the very end of the row, one of the students was acting up, not obeying the teacher and generally being disrespectful. After repeatedly telling the student to behave, the teacher had enough. He extended his hand towards the student. His arm suddenly elongated, then longer until it was the entire length of the table, he slapped the student upside the head, extended it back to him, and continued the lesson.

Needless to say, no one ever acted up after that.

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Excerpts from ‘Protection from Black Magic’ by Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi

May Allah help the countrymen of the Shaykh.

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Man Abducted by Jinn during life of Prophet ﷺ

During the pre-Islamic era there was a man named Khurafah, from the Arab tribe ‘Udhrah, who was once abducted by the Jinn. He was taken to their capital city ‘Abqah where he witnessed amazing scenes of wonder and amazement, perhaps not extraordinary to the to regular Jinn inhabitants of the city. He was kept there for some time, then set free. Upon his release, he returned to his people to tell them of what he saw but was dismissed as a liar with crazy stories. Thus, the Arabs took on the proverb حديث خرافة (Tale of Khurafah) to describe strange stories.

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